Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

All terminally ill patients are qualified for hospice care. The attending physician gives the certification of terminal illness.

Admission Process

Admitting a patient to the hospice program is a simple process for the attending physician, discharge planner or social worker.

Just call the hospice, and a nurse will visit the patient and family at home or in the hospital.

Information about the program will be presented, and if the patient or family elects the program, the nurse arranges for start of services.

Who is Eligible?

Any individual of any age with a diagnosis of a terminal illness is eligible for hospice care. If the physician has not mentioned hospice, the patient and the family can discuss the possibility of the hospice with the physician.

Who Pays for Hospice?

Hospice care is fully reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid.

Health Insurance/HMO's

Health Maintenance Organizations. Most companies include Hospice as a benefit.

Private Payer's

Arrangements can be made for those who qualify.